Wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel.

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Photography. Fashion. Piercings. Tattoos. Music. Energy drinks. Coffee. Thriller/horror movies. Halloween. Eyeballs. Bruises. The sound of rain. Autumn/Winter. Pete Wentz. Oli Sykes. Audrey Kitching. Amanda Hendrick. Taylor Momsen. Felice Fawn.


Naw thank you! I shop online and in stores but main places I get things from are black milk clothing, dangerfield, valley girl, and that’s about it haha! I have some things from shops like jay jays, and supre for basics and other tops. For beanies I usually wear black milk, boy London (which I got off eBay or aliexpress for cheap), drop the anchor clothing and sports girl (for my cat ear beanie). Then for shoes I wear yru platforms which were from urban outfitters and my creepers which were from eBay. I also wear Jeffrey Campbell litas and big litas. I think that’s it :)